Well 1 week to go and I am out of here.  I have to say I have mixed feelings…sad to leave this place I built from ground up with my own hands and hard work…and excited to see what the new place will bring.  I have had lots of years here (21) and many clients who I consider friends so this closes a chapter in my life and will soon open a new one.  Sigh.

Thursday Dec 3 is my closing date for this house and studio so I am finishing up my packing and moving everything to storage.  Most of the furniture is now gone and almost living out of a suitcase so this is challenging.  If you haven’t moved lately, you are missing out on all this “fun.”   I have done all of the minor repairs for the appraisal so everyone is happy and ready to close.  I am right on schedule.

Now, for the new place, I don’t move into there until Dec 18th so I will have a couple weeks to stay with my mother (she said she is looking forward to having her little boy back home for a few days).  I will still have to get busy with repairs in the new place when I get there and set up the camera room as soon as possible so that will be a challenge and a lot of work too.  Good thing it will be winter time and the studio slows down this time anyway so I will have time to work on things.  I will try to post images and updates here on the blog as I go since many of you have asked to see how things go.