HD Videos, Commercials & Filming

Today’s business world is so visually based, the need for promotional and marketing videos is bigger than ever.  The studio has all the high-end equipment necessary for designing, directing and producing your small business video needs.

Some ideas for these high definition videos would include promotional videos, presentation of your product or services, training for staff and employees, website videos to present a project or marketing idea and many other uses.

These professional quality HD videos can be output for TV commercials, DVDs and lower resolution for your website.   I try to keep the workload to a lower volume to keep the quality as high as possible and can work with small to medium budgets. I am excited to discuss your next video project and become part of your team.

Interviews & Promotional

An interview style video with additional still images to promote my studio.  Designed, filmed, edited, and produced from start to finish by Paul.  This is produced at full TV resolution and downsized for the web so the same video can be used for both.

HD Video Overview

A quick overview of the equipment and process that Paul produced to show what occurs with most video projects.  This one shows an example of a professional voice over actress Paul hired if you do not wish to do your own audio.

Green Screen

When we need to remove and replace backgrounds, that is all done with the magic of green screen (or Chromakey).  The studio has several full length and portable backgrounds to use for this process.