Montage Artbooks

What better way to showcase all of your favorite images from a family session than to have a custom coffee table album made.  These lay-flat albums are the studio’s most popular hardbound style and are very portable to carry to work and other gatherings to show your family to others. This perfect bound book allows unlimited creativity and design opportunities for your family & children images with true panorama photographic prints spreading across both sides of the book. Sizes available: 5×5, 7×10, 8×8, 10×10.

Do all albums have to be from YOUR images?   No. These days, many brides for example are given a disc of thousands of images and these poor brides have no idea what to do with them.  Since many “photographers” dont want to mess with the albums, they hand over the high resolution images to the brides so I can take those high rez images and design something beautiful and mounted in these same Montage Artbooks.  I do want to “look” at the provided images on the disc to make sure they are high enough quality to produce a very sharp, crisp, gorgeous product before we get started.

I design a layout from the list of images that you select and will proof the design online so you can see it before its made.  You can still make changes at this point.