Studio1Where have I been ?

Well some have been wondering where I have been for the past couple months…. the short version is I put my home and studio up for sale and made an offer on a new home in Summerville off Hwy 78.  Offer was accepted and finally have a buyer for my home and I have been going through that process of selling and buying at the same time….AND trying to keep the studio running slowly AND dealing with my dad’s house that flooded AND was in a major car accident end of October that totaled my car.  I wasn’t injured (Thank God) and wasn’t my fault but did force me to buy another car.Studio2

Converting Back

Since the studio will be part of the “house” after I leave, I have been tearing down the backgrounds, spackling, repairing walls, repainting, etc…and turning this space back into home.  I am not sure what the new folks will do with this space but would be an awesome man cave, family rooms, several more bedrooms, or many options.

You will notice in these pics the furniture, props and backgrounds are now gone and walls are back to “house style”.

Studio3 The wall shelving has been removed and moved to storage along with all the wall frames …until I can move it into the new place, hopefully the first week in December. Studio4